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  1. Concurrent Exhibition

  2. Measuring Technology Expo 2019
  5. Ground Improvement Technology Expo / Foundation Engineering Expo / Disaster Prevention Technology Expo地盤技術フォーラム2019

Cautions for application

How to apply

Fill out the application form, and send it to the show office.

Application deadline

May 24 (Fri) 2019 (Applications will be closed as soon as all booths are taken.)

Joint application with affiliated companies

Please specify a contact person. We will make all notifications to the contact person. (The same procedures should be taken if agents are used.)

Exhibitor's explanatory meeting

An Exhibitor's explanatory meeting will be held at the "July 10 2019" for the sponsor to give an explanation concerning the Expo venue, plans for promotion, related events and other details of the exhibition.

Public lottery for booth allocation

The booths will be allocated by a lottery held on the same day as the Exhibitor's explanatory meeting.

Payment method

An invoice will be sent to you from the show office after receiving your application form. Please remit your payment to the designated bank account by deadline on invoice. We cannot accept payment by commercial paper. If your payment is not received by the above date, your application may be canceled. (You will be invoiced for cancellation charge in this case, too.)

Cancellation of exhibition

Cancellations are not accepted, as a rule, after you submit your application. However, your exhibition may be canceled with a cancellation charge, if the show office regards the situation as unavoidable. (See Rules and Regulations for details.)

Specified working time

Date for carrying in your exhibits:
9:00 - 18:00 September 9 (Mon.) (mainly for decorations)
9:00 - 18:00 September 10 (Tue.) (mainly for equipment)
Exhibition period
8:30 - 18:00 September 11 (Wed.)
8:30 - 18:00 September 12 (Thu.)
8:30 - 22:00 September 13 (Fri.)
(all decorations and equipment to be carried out of the hall on the same day.)

Charges for overtime use

You will be charged extra for working beyond the above specified time for carry-in and during the exhibition period.
21,600 yen per company per hour (except for work needed for removal; consumption tax included)

Meeting rooms for rent (multipurpose rooms)

Partitioned meeting rooms will be set up in the Expo facilities. Please leave the allocation to the sponsor.

Electrical work and electricity charges

The sponsor will carry out electrical work for lighting and performance at the charge given below, as requested by the exhibitor, at the location of each booth. (The primary works) 9,720 yen per 1 kW (consumption tax included), for single-phase 100 V (50 Hz), single-phase 200 V (50 Hz) or three-phase 200 V (50 Hz). You will be charged 1,188 yen per 1 kW (consumption tax included) used during the exhibition period.
Work inside the booth (secondary work) should be carried out at the responsibility of exhibitors, and the cost of the works and electricity used during the exhibition period should be borne by the exhibitors.

Air and water supply work

If you wish, we can provide air and water supply and water discharge work to the booth. The show office will carry out the work, and you will be charged for the work and use (about 75,000 yen per location).

Communication circuits

During this event, exhibitors will be able to install, for a fee, communications circuits such as provisional telephones and high-speed optical communication services in their booths. Details will be provided at the seminar for exhibitors.

Limitation on volume

If you are using microphones at your booth, please be careful not to interfere with neighboring booths.

Application for invitation tickets and notes

The show office will prepare a large number of invitation tickets and notes, to invite as many visitors as possible. Iinvitation tickets will be distributed to exhibiting companies, free of charge.

Please indicate the number of sets you need on the application form.


May 24 (Fri.) deadline for application for exhibition
End of June: Briefing (An array of application forms related to exhibits will be distributed.)
July 10 (Wed.) Exhibitor's explanatory meeting
Mid - August deadline for distribution of invitation notes and application forms


11 - 13

Exhibition period