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    Concurrent Exhibition

  1. 測定計測展/Measuring Technology Expo 2023
  2. センサエキスポジャパン2023
  3. TEST2023 [第17回総合試験機器展]
  4. 第32回 2023特許・情報フェア&コンファレンス

Imaging Zone

An exhibit zone Featuring State-of-the-Art Applications of Image Recognition Technology

With the rapid spread of cell phones and smartphones with cameras, it is no exaggeration to say that we’re now living in an era when everyone owns and uses their own personal image identification tool. And these tools have still further potential, not just for expanded use in manufacturing processes and security applications, but also for more personal use in everyday life, access to information, and the like.
This zone brings together various examples of advanced image identification technology including applied technologies for corporate and personal use, with a focus on individual pattern identification using image identification technology (image processing, 3D measurement); image information identification by image processing and barcode identification; character recognition (OCR); fingerprint and face authentication; and so forth.

Exhibit Categories

・Image input devices

Various cameras, image input boards, lighting equipment for image input, and more.

・Image processing devices

Various image processing devices, image analysis systems, image processing boards, and more.


Inspection software, measurement software (2D/3D), analysis software (2D/3D), barcode reading software, and more.


Face/fingerprint authentication systems, next-generation OCR systems (character recognition), augmented reality (AR) systems, abnormal behavior detection systems, and more.

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