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  2. IFPEX2017
  3. 測定計測展/Measuring Technology Expo 2017
  4. センサエキスポジャパン2017
  5. SUBSEA TECH JAPAN 2017/ 第2回 海洋産業技術展
  6. TEST2017[第14回総合試験機器展]

Message from the Chairman

Yasunari Haruyama

Yasunari Haruyama
Japan Automatic Identification
Systems Association

Thank you for your continued valuable support and contribution to the activites of the Japan Automatic Identification Systems Association.
This year marks the 18th edition of the AUTO-ID & COMMUNICATION EXPO. Recognized at home and abroad as Japan’s only trade show dedicated to automatic identification technology and solutions, it has become a popular and highly anticipated event.
We are truly grateful to everyone whose support and interest has made this possible.
The main goal of the Expo is to offer optimal solutions to issues faced by users through new products and technologies.
With “ID First: The IoT Starts with ID Technology” as its slogan, this year’s edition will once again introduce cutting-edge ID technology that is indispensable for the IoT.
In the zone exhibition area, divided into the Mobile & Wearable Zone, Imaging Zone, and Sensor Network Zone, visitors can experience first-hand the next stage in the evolution of automatic identification.
What’s more, various on-site activities will bring attendees up to date about the latest trends in automatic identification technology, including introductory talks on automatic identification, information on changes in the size of the automatic identification market, and the announcement of the 19th Auto-ID System Grand Prize winner.
In conjunction with the Expo, this year we will again hold an automatic identification seminar and present examples of cutting-edge applications and the latest technological trends.
At the same time as this year’s Expo, the International Fluid Power Exhibition, Measuring Technology Expo, Sensor Expo Japan, and TEST2017 Japan Testing Technology Show will be held on the same site, so we expect to welcome even more manufacturing-related attendees this year.
For everyone in the field, the 19th AUTO-ID & COMMUNICATION EXPO is the biggest business opportunity of the year, and with the cooperation of all the participating companies and the collective efforts of the entire sector, we are confident that it will be a highly successful event. We look forward to your participation in this year’s Expo.

General Information


September 13 (Wed.) - 15 (Fri.), 2017 10:00 - 17:00

(for all three days)

Supported by

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and others

Admission fee 1,000 yen (free for visitors with invitation tickets)
Exhibit Zone Mobile & Wearable Zone
Imaging Zone
Sensor Network Zone
Concurrent Exhibition
Concurrent Programs AUTO-ID Seminar
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