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  1. Concurrent Exhibition

  2. IFPEX2017
  3. 測定計測展/Measuring Technology Expo 2017
  4. センサエキスポジャパン2017
  5. SUBSEA TECH JAPAN 2017/ 第2回 海洋産業技術展
  6. TEST2017[第14回総合試験機器展]

Exhibit Categories

Automatic identification products and technologies

Bar codes and Two-dimensional symbology,GS1 DataBar, RFID, NFC, Cards (IC, Magnetic, Optical, etc.), OCR, Biometrics, Image recognition, others

Solutions using automatic identification

All solutions that take advantage of automatic identification, such as production support systems, distribution and logistics systems, retail and wholesale support systems, traceability, Supply Chain Management (SCM), event and amusement support systems, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), security systems, medical, education, library, transportation (rail, air, harbor, etc.), finance, disaster control, other public service support systems

Middleware platform, encryption technologies, image processing