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    Concurrent Exhibition

  1. 測定計測展/Measuring Technology Expo 2023
  2. センサエキスポジャパン2023
  3. TEST2023 [第17回総合試験機器展]

The only exhibition in Japan devoted exclusively to cutting-edge automatic identification products, technologies and solutions.

Message from the Chairman

Kotaki Ryutaro

Japan Automatic Identification
Systems Association
Ryutaro Kotaki

 Thank you for your continued support and cooperation in the business activities of the Japan Automatic Identification Systems Association.
 This is the 25th time the Auto Recognition Exhibition has been held. As Japan’s only exhibition specializing in automatic identification technologies and solutions, the event has been recognized both domestically and internationally and has become a much-anticipated exhibition. This would not have been possible without your understanding and cooperation.
 With the slogan “A BRIGHTER FUTURE with AUTO-ID,” the exhibition presents advanced technologies for automatic recognition and features zones focusing on specialized fields such as mobile, wearable devices, and image recognition. In addition, a variety of exhibits and programs will be prepared as a major event for the automatic-recognition industry, including “Automatic Recognition through Case Studies (Exhibitors’ Case Study Panel Exhibition),” a basic knowledge lecture on automatic recognition and trends in automatic recognition technology, market research reports, and the announcement of winners of the 25 Automatic Recognition System Awards.
 The automatic recognition seminars that will be held along with the exhibition will provide information useful for gaining knowledge and solving on-site problems, including case studies and cutting-edge technologies and market trends. Please visit the exhibition for an opportunity to promote exchanges with people from various industries and differing perspectives.
 The exhibition will be held at the same time as others: “Measuring Technology Expo 2023,” “SENSOR EXPO JAPAN 2023,” and “TEST2023.” By allowing entry to each of these events, more visitors are expected to come.
 In cooperation with facilities and other related organizations, the Exhibition Office conducts and manages exhibitions and seminars while taking measures against COVID-19.
 We are confident that the AUTOID & COMMUNICATION EXPO will broadly promote automatic identification technology, one of the basic technologies that will lead to major changes in society and business structures through the accelerating trend of digital transformation (DX) and new lifestyles, and that will contribute to realizing a green society.
 We look forward to your participation in the exhibition.

General Information



Show Period

September 13 (Wed.) - 15 (Fri.), 2023

10:00 - 17:00 (for all three days)

Admission fee ¥1,000 (Free entrance for visitors with invitation tickets.)
Supporting Organizations

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan/ Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

Special Cooperation


Cooperating Organization

Approx.30 relevant organizations

Special Exhibit Zone Mobile & Wearable Zone
An exhibit zone for Mobile and Wearable Devices.
Imaging Zone
An exhibit zone Featuring State-of-the-Art Applications of Image Identification Technology
Concurrent Programs AUTO-ID Seminar, Business & Technology SPICE (language Japanese only)
September 13 (Wed) - 15 (Fri)
Concurrent Exhibition Measuring Technology Expo 2023
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