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  1. Concurrent Exhibition

  2. Measuring Technology Expo 2019
  5. Ground Improvement Technology Expo / Foundation Engineering Expo / Disaster Prevention Technology Expo地盤技術フォーラム2019

Booth Size & Charges

Type A (previous specifications)

Booth Size

width: 2970mm
depth: 2970mm
height: 2700mm

Exhibition charges (consumption tax included)

Number of


Japan Automatic Identification Systems Association

Members Non-members
1 to 2 booths 421,200 yen 475,200 yen
3 to 7 booths 378,000 yen 432,000 yen
8 to 12 booths 334,800 yen 388,800 yen
13 to 15 booths 324,000 yen 378,000 yen
16 to 24 booths 313,200 yen 367,200 yen
25 booths or more 291,600 yen 345,600 yen

The fee include costs for
an exhibition space measuring 3.0 m in width and 3.0 m in depth; partitions (in the rear and sides; not included for independent booths)

Examples of layout

Layout of booths is to be chosen from alternatives shown on the below.

  • Minimun 4 units of booth are required to from "Block type layout."
  • The maximun number of booth allowed to from "Row" type layout is 5.
  • Minimum 8 units of booth are required to form "Island" type layout. (Maximum 5.0m height of decoration is allowed for "Island" type layout which enables more impressive promotion of products.)

Maximum booth height

*Row type booth(s)
*Block type booth(s)

Decorations are permitted to a maximum height of 2.7m for areas within 1m of adjacent booth, rear walls and access aisles, while the maximum height for any areas other than these is 3.6m.

*"Island" type booth(s)

Decoration is permitted up to a maximum height of 5.0m.

Deadline for application on the exhibition:

May 24 (Fri), 2019

Type B (Low-priced, Small size)

Booth Size

width: 1980mm
depth: 1980mm
height: 2700mm

Exhibition Fee (Cost per booth including consumption tax)

Number of


Japan Automatic Identification Systems Association
Members Non-members
1 to 2 booths 226,800 yen 259,200 yen

The exhibition fees include: exhibition space―width: 2.0 m × depth 2.0 m―walls (rear and side, 1 m); company nameplate; carpet; exhibition stand--width: 1.0 m × depth 1.0 m × height: 0.8 m―spotlight: 100W × 1; electrical outlets (100V with ground) ―one set of two outlets; installation costs for electrical lines up to 500W; electricity costs.
* Additional charges apply for requests of additional equipment. Detailed materials will be distributed at the orientation for exhibitors.
* Please be aware that even when the basic display mentioned above is not used, deductions from the exhibition fee cannot be made.

On height restrictions for decorations

The maximum standard height is 2.7 m.

Exhibition conditions

  • Up to two booths per company
  • Cannot be exhibited together with Type A exhibition specifications
  • Presentations using equipment such as microphones and speakers cannot be given in the booths.
  • The locations of the booths are not determined by lottery, but rather at the discretion of the host.

Deadline for application on the exhibition

May 24 (Fri), 2019